Our DJ’s

When you book Blackjack you get a Blackjack DJ, not an agency DJ. We employ our own in-house team of 6 specialist and dedicated DJ’s, ranging from 30 to 45 years of age. All our DJ’s are trained, insured and uniformed by our company. We supply a maximum of 4 discos on any one day, leaving 2 of our DJ’s available as back up.

We only use our own DJ's to offer you a reliable and high quality service. We promise you the following:

DJ's who will...

  • Perform dressed in our company uniform comprising black shirt with collar, black trousers & black shoes
  • Arrive, in good time, on the day
  • Liaise directly with your venue to ensure a smooth set up
  • Deal with problems without any fuss
  • Conduct themselves in a polite, friendly & professional manner
  • Offer realistic and honest advice (should a problem arise)
  • Not turn up with their girlfriend, mum, dad or next door neighbour 
  • Not use foul language, racist language or display poor humour
  • Be friendly to guests of all ages, race, religion or sex
  • Be friendly, open and approachable to you and your guests
  • Help break the ice and make you feel at ease, but not bully people into dancing
  • Not repeatedly talk all over the music and spoil the songs
  • Read the dance floor and adopt the music style and taste to suit
  • Do everything they can to make your night special and successful