Do you accept play lists as we have some favourite songs we would like the DJ to play at our party?

Yes. We have a comprehensive online MP3 music library which enables you to search through our entire music collection to create your own personal request list (rather than messing about writing out lists or typing out long emails)

The database comprises over 30,000 tracks. You can try out our personal play list system anytime, for free. It's very easy to use, it's quick and great fun. Once you have saved a quotation, you can choose a password. Use this password along with your email address to login to your own account area. This password also gains you the ability to compile and save your playlist for retrieval at another time. Click here to visit our music library.

You can start building your list from the day you save your quote. This gives you plenty of time to compile your list, and as we automatically retrieve your list 5 days before your disco, it keeps it fresh and up to date at the same time. You are of course welcome to supply your own tracks, for any real rarities (simply by emailing to us with an MP3 attachment, or bring on a USB stick on the night)

When searching through this collection to create the request list please remember that you can only select up to 50 tracks in total as there are only so many songs that can be played in one night. The average 4 to 5 hour disco gives our DJ's enough time to play roughly 75 to 95 songs. Anymore than 50 requested tracks makes the night very restrictive for your DJ on the night and less able to react to what is happening on the dance floor. It also rules out a large majority of requests on the night and hence excludes your guests. That's why we believe 50 tracks is plenty and why 50 is the maximum.

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