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All our disco packages come complete with a comprehensive range of equipment, but sometimes, it’s nice to be able to tailor a package to suit your needs, your budget or your venue. We offer a wide range of professional & exciting options, starting from just £25. These options include LED uplighters, Photo Booths & Photo Pods, Wireless Radio Mics, Exploding Glitter, Confetti, Pick & Mix and more! Why not treat yourself? 

We give you £25 worth of free options (not on items marked *) at the time of booking, so don’t forget to take advantage of this offer. You can also add options to your booking afterwards, and because we operate on a fully flexible system, you can always make changes to your booking (after you've booked) including changing the start time, finish time and set up time. Just email us!


Beautiful Venue Paint

To celebrate 10 years of uplighting (we were the first company in the UK to bring LED uplighintg to the wedding industry)... Our brand new MK4 Venue Paint uplighters, Venue Paint Definitive, are now available to hire. Now with more colours, more choice, more vivid and even brighter than before

New colours include:

Smooth True White
A massive range of 33 Pastel Colours including Peach
Gorgeous warming winter Amber
and Ultra Violet, ivory, warm white, gold, soft white and candle white

Our new uplighters are also more compact (about half the size) so take up less space and are less obvious and less obtrusive. They are also wireless so can be put anywhere, quickly and easily - with no wires. Even outside! 

Only £25 each! (Minimum of two must be booked)

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Selfie Pod

Our Selfie Pod (Mini Photobooth) is the ideal solution for smaller venues, and for smaller budgets!

Allow your guests to capture the special moment with our automatic countdown feature, taking memorable and heartwarming photos!

From £125


Radio Microphones

Why not invest in the use of a professional cordless radio microphone? Microphones are an effective tool for people not used to speaking publically and will give nervous speakers much more confidence. The microphone can be easily passed from person to person, without cables, so no need to worry about knocking over delicate items at the top table.

£39 each


Extra Time/Music*

(before midnight)

Every wedding is different. Some customers require 3 hours of music, some require 10. That’s why we offer a range of off the shelf packages that will suit most, but also allow you to completely tailor your package to suit you and your day. Extra 'B4 Midnight' performance hours can be ordered so the music starts earlier than 7pm (our standard start time)  We charge £29 per half an hour for additional performance prior to midnight, and we charge in 30 minute intervals so you only pay for what you need

£29 per 30 mins


1.00am Finish*

Every wedding is different. Some finish early, some finish late. If you'd prefer to carry on with the party, and your venue and stamina will allow - why not upgrade to a 1.00am finish?


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Mist Machine

Mist (also known as Haze) is an effect in itself (used to create atmosphere) but more importantly, is used to enhance the modern projected light show of today.

Not all venues can allow it’s use due to the sometimes sensitive nature of smoke alarms, but if mist can be used, the difference is very simple to create and the look is quite amazing.

To find out if we can use Mist at your venue, please ask us!


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Early Set-Up*

Early set up is available to all our customers.

Making use of this service means we can have your disco system, and/or options, Venue Paint, Dance floor or Photo Booth set much earlier during the day, as early as 2pm. If you require equipment to be set up at a time earlier than 2pm, please contact at us for a bespoke quotation

This is ideal if:

· You require everything to be set before your wedding breakfast starts

· You dont want our staff to be setting up in front of your guests/dont want your guests to see the installation in progress 

· If the access at your venue is poor and you dont want that issue to slow down the transistion from the meal to the disco 

· When the wedding ceremony or wedding breakfast is to be held in the same room as the disco (which can slow down set up if your meal finishes late)

· You have ordered a Venue Paint system and also want to make use of it during the meal, as well as during the disco 

· You have ordered a radio microphone for the speeches and want to make use of our disco PA system before or during the meal 

We have a simple pricing policy for our early set up service. We charge everyone the same fixed fee of £150, regardless of your location and/or set up time. This fee covers the additional equipment hire duration, all additional labour/additional crew required for the longer day and any additional travel costs (in case we make 2 trips).

By default, our staff will not usually remain onsite between setting up early and starting the evening performance (unless you have also ordered background music for your meal) and any equipment set up early will be left switched off between these times (unless you have ordered a radio mic or requested that any Venue Paint lighting ordered be left on)

Early Set Up can make a massive difference to how smoothly your day runs, especially to the transition between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. Most weddings do run late, and by setting up early, you can help minimise the impact of any late running, and ensure your disco duration is not vastly reduced.


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White Star Cloth*

Upgrade the DJ Booth to a beautiful White Star Cloth!


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Full Photobooth Experience

If you want the full Photobooth experience, then this is for you!

  • Unlimited Prints

  • FREE Props & Accessories included including Giant Glasses, Wigs, Inflatables, sparkly nice things and more!

  • FREE Second Photobooth Selfie Pod included - worth £200!

  • 3 hours unlimited use of the booth (excludes set up and pack down time, that's for us to worry about!)

  • A friendly, trained member of staff to host the booth - they will ensure your guests make the most of the fun which is on offer

  • All photos are uploaded and hosted on, for 30 days for free, allowing all to view, download & save!

£350 when booked as an extra with Disco