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Why use Blackjack Wedding Discos?

Why Blackjack?

  • Established since 1999, we’ve performed at more than 2,500 weddings, wedding discos, entertainment & performance is our full time career.  

  • We are open and available during office hours to take your calls, or to meet you in person and help with any queries.

  • We only use Professionally trained, uniformed and insured DJ’s.

  • Our electrical equipment is PAT tested annually; we are fully insured with £5 Million worth of cover – both a necessary requirement of most venues.

  • We're not an agency or franchise. We don't outsource or subcontract - you always deal direct with us.

  • We will turn up on the day, and we're proud of our 100% attendance record.

  • Compile your own playlist.  We are the only disco company with a bespoke online music library available to all customers – with more than 30,000 tracks.

  • We offer our unique wireless mood lighting system, Venue Paint, available exclusively to us in the UK.

  • We also hire Photo Booths, Pyrotechnics, Radio Mics and mist machines. 


Early set up is available to all our customers

Making use of this service means we can have your disco system, and/or options, Venue Paint, Dance floor or Photo Booth set much earlier during the day, as early as 2pm. If you require equipment to be set up at a time earlier than 2pm, please contact at us for a bespoke quotation

This is ideal if:

  • You require everything to be set before your wedding breakfast starts

  • You dont want our staff to be setting up in front of your guests/dont want your guests to see the installation in progress 

  • If the access at your venue is poor and you dont want that issue to slow down the transistion from the meal to the disco 

  • When the wedding ceremony or wedding breakfast is to be held in the same room as the disco (which can slow down set up if your meal finishes late)

  • You have ordered a Venue Paint system and also want to make use of it during the meal, as well as during the disco 

  • You have ordered a radio microphone for the speeches and want to make use of our disco PA system before or during the meal 

We have a simple pricing policy for our early set up service. We charge everyone the same fixed fee of £150, regardless of your location and/or set up time. This fee covers the additional equipment hire duration, all additional labour/additional crew required for the longer day and any additional travel costs (in case we make 2 trips).

By default, our staff will not usually remain onsite between setting up early and starting the evening performance (unless you have also ordered background music for your meal) and any equipment set up early will be left switched off between these times (unless you have ordered a radio mic or requested that any Venue Paint lighting ordered be left on)

Early Set Up can make a massive difference to how smoothly your day runs, especially to the transition between the wedding breakfast and the evening reception. Most weddings do run late, and by setting up early, you can help minimise the impact of any late running, and ensure your disco duration is not vastly reduced

How much do you charge?

Our charges are based on your location, package, options and disco duration. 

Our online quote system is quick and easy to use. If you have your basic information to hand you will be able to get an instant & exact quotation in less than 20 seconds, without having to fill in lots of information boxes

We offer all customers a discount of £50 if you book online and we'll give you £25 worth of free options at the time of booking too! 

Click here to get a quote 


What do your disco systems look like?

Our discos look modern, smart & neat. They are also very stylish and sophisticated. We don't use any homemade, dated or unprofessional equipment. All of the sound, lighting and special effects equipment that we use is modern, reliable & state-of-the-art

All our systems come complete with a 3D projected lighting system that moves beams of colour changing light to the beat of the music, as standard. 

We can also supply your event with stunning mood lighting, an LED based uplighter system we call Venue Paint. For more info on this system (which enables you to colour your venue during the day and night) please visit our ‘extras’ section.

Rest assured, we don't bring truck loads of equipment, accompanied by dozens of 'roadie crew'! We don't want to turn your wedding into a rave style night club, nor do we want it to look like a disco equipment shop. That's the reason why our systems compact, smart & neat.

To visit our Gallery containing images of our discos in action, please click here.

What music do you play?

The hardest question to answer by far, but also the most important. We do not have a fixed ‘list’ that we work from. We want each disco to be different and unique. We have a large range of music but we also know what works well. Most events have 2 main musical ingredients. A proportion of the night will normally consist of popular music that is proven to work, time after time.

The other proportion of the night will normally consist of requests from yourself and your guests. This ‘blend’ works night after night simply by playing spontaneous requests given on the night mixed with an underlying core of dance floor fillers. You get the best of both worlds.
To have a chat in more detail about your music requirements, feel free to call us on 08448 400 123 

Is there a booking deposit and if so how much is the deposit?

The booking deposit is £99. It doesn't matter which Package, options or times you order, the booking deposit is fixed at £99 and is deducted from your final balance (which is due 15 days before the disco date) 



We are really fussy about who we'll book. Can we meet you in person before we book?

Yes, no problem. We encourage prospective customers to meet us in person at our offices anytime* during the day, during the week or during the day on Saturdays. This way we can give you a 'real feel' of what we're like, what we do and how we do it. It's also reassuring to make sure we're the right company for you and that we fully understand what you are expecting and that you fully understand what we are capable of delivering.

We offer a very high level of personal service. It's something we're very strict about. We always have been, we always will. It's gained us our enviable reputation and kept us in business for many years.

Why not put us to the test today? Call us on 0800 689 4205 or email us at   

*It is adviseable to make an appointment. Our working week is Tuesday to Saturday (our office is not manned on Sundays and Mondays) 


What are your DJ’s like?

Our DJ’s are the key to a successful disco. They are all smart, punctual and fun. They are all extremely passionate about music. They are all trained to the same high level. They are all confident on the microphone, they can all beat mix music if required and they are all experienced in performing at Wedding Discos. For more info on our DJ's please click here to visit our DJ page. 


Do you accept play lists as we have some favourite songs we would like the DJ to play at our party?

Yes. We have a comprehensive online MP3 music library which enables you to search through our entire music collection to create your own personal request list (rather than messing about writing out lists or typing out long emails) 

The database comprises over 30,000 tracks. You can try out our personal play list system anytime, for free. It's very easy to use, it's quick and great fun. Once you have saved a quotation, you can choose a password. Use this password along with your email address to login to your own account area. This password also gains you the ability to compile and save your playlist for retrieval at another time. 

You can start building your list from the day you save your quote. This gives you plenty of time to compile your list, and as we automatically retrieve your list 5 days before your disco, it keeps it fresh and up to date at the same time. You are of course welcome to supply your own tracks, for any real rarities (simply by emailing to us with an MP3 attachment, or bring on a USB stick on the night)

When searching through this collection to create the request list please remember that you can only select up to 50 tracks in total as there are only so many songs that can be played in one night. The average 4 to 5 hour disco gives our DJ's enough time to play roughly 75 to 95 songs. Anymore than 50 requested tracks makes the night very restrictive for your DJ on the night and less able to react to what is happening on the dance floor. It also rules out a large majority of requests on the night and hence excludes your guests. That's why we believe 50 tracks is plenty and why 50 is the maximum. 


How far in advance should I book?

The better disco companies get booked well in advance and the later you leave it the less chance you'll have of your date being available. Saturdays from April until September are very busy and certain dates such as Bank Holidays, Saturdays in December and lucky dates (09/09/2019, 12/12/2012) always get booked up first. 

It will only cost you £99 to book a date (which secures your crew and DJ, vehicle and equipment) You can always make changes to your booking afterwards, including changes to your package, preformance times, set up times & add additonal extras (once you have had chance to make your final decisions)


I love your website but I want to speak to a real person, a human being, is this possible?

Yes. Our website is very effective tool for providing fast quotes and displaying images etc but we are far more than just a website! Sometimes you just cant beat speaking to a person, someone who can answer all your questions instantly, someone to help & offer priceless advise and someone who knows everything there is to know about Wedding Discos.

Please feel free to call us on 0800 689 4205 to ask us anything (please note, our offices are closed on Sundays & Mondays)

We have a very simple phone system, no fussy 'option 1, option 2', no annoying music, we wont put you on hold, we dont make any money from your call and landline calls are charged at just 5p per minute from anywhere in the UK. Our working week is Tuesday to Saturday (our office is not manned on Sundays and Mondays) 

When you call you'll either get straight through to us, or if all our lines are in use you'll get straight through to our voicemail system - leave a message and your telephone number and we'll call you back.